Under a Different Star

We are all born under a different star. Some things that happen have nothing to do with us. Others no matter how much we try, still will not have to do anything with us.

Sad, unfair, discomforting or not, things not always work their way towards our way. Meetings don’t always take place, hearts hurt, brains break down, the body gets sick and the Soul feels absent.   

It takes us decays to admit that “this, has nothing to do with me” and not feel guilty or as failure, as if we had not given our best intentions and tries, as if we were not carefully leaning our ears to hear the tone of the times and extending our palms to touch the edges of our opportunities.

I feel a universal struggle for humanity contemplating for a popular modern belief that hard work pays off and hard work is the key to success. Although I have no intention to reject the validity of effort and perseverance, this also feels linear and executive in a universe full of non-linear movements, shapes of strong fluidity and constant reformation.

Every life is not just the result of the efforts and beliefs and dreams. These are all part of our personal Universe. Yet different levels, time-frames, qualities, collective energies, fates interact and have their own ambitions on us. Existence becomes a difficult to describe state of being. It is not comprised only from our own will to live and to create.

Yes, we are all born under a different star. Does this mean that we are also born under a different God?

The rules appear to be the same. The world is one world despite any personal interpretations. In our mortal human form, running under physics’ dimensions, we will not experience all of the diversity and the complexity of the non-possible to describe, undefined and unlimited divine spectrum. But having a different star influence, having a different fate, we are inclined to different priorities. We have stronger chances to be inspired by particular qualities over others and to be oblivious to other aromas of potentiality.

The rules seem to contain dark hours, triumphs, plateaus, disappointment, excitements, surprises, boredom, panic, exasperation, epiphanies, and other realms of inner state. Depending on our star, we might feel a deep hunger for some real understanding and a love for freedom above all.

You will not win the battle. You will see through the layers, you will advance your body and mind and you might be a champion but only if you discern with clarity at which field you have the potentiality. All others are just a dispersion of your energy.

The shamanic traditions of Americas refer to the 2% of life lines, the life lines that very few will ever take. These are the road from your Fate to your Destiny. The rest is the majority of your life, the bulk of everything that you do. The bulk will support you, it will keep you alive. And that is the end of it. It won’t reveal any mysteries or shed light upon your darkest hours. It does not lead you to the core of your essence, it does not regenerate your spirit, it does not do much to keep you heart open. And at the end, you die.

Our own one life spans through the years destined to finish with one death. Accepting that we are born under a different star keeps our glory possible and grounded. It gives us instant freedom to realize the less traveled distance from our fate to our destiny.

We cannot win this battle. We can walk the distance. This is our Star Movement.