The River

The first time that I saw the River Ganges I was mesmerized, just there. It was love at first site. A river was speaking to me with such intenisity and courage, that I made silence and I listened, deeply, unapologetically leaving behind me all other matters. I spent days and days, gazing at the living creature that traverses the history of a sub-coninent and has weaved myths of the past with its stream in the present.

Never before have I evere seen such raw power flowing through; I have seen seas and mountains and storms and thunders but the Ganges was mystical in its own sense. I was lucky to see it close to its source since I was already deep north in the continent but I feel that it would have been the same in all other parts that I might have seen it; it would have probably taken me more time to understand it but eventually I would have only succumb to its beauty and character.

I was brought up in a country surrounded mosly by a blue open sea; I have wondered in different golfs, I have swam in archipelagos and I have explored the sores of counteless beaches. But rivers was not part of my vocabulary. In a country where the population swims in the sea, the idea of swimming into a river was rather a foreing fantasy than an adventure into the making.

In the river, the flow is very distinct; upstream or downstream, it starts from somewhere and is heading somewhere, usually into the big blue sea.

Where do we come from? where did all this began?

These questions bring me back to a younger version of my life, mostly in my early adolescent years where inexperienced, hungry and thristy for answers I was just formulating my questions.

These questions gradually faded away. As the years were passing by I was waving less, I was looking sporadically and I was caring momentarily to explore them.

Ever so eager to move on, I moved on. And as it usually happens when you stop insisting on knowing, one day I received a visit.

Everything comes from somewhere and so is the River. The River came and revealed itself to me.

“Everything has a beginning, everything comes from the Beginning” the River quitely demonstrated its origins and then let the stream of its waters to become visible to me.

I started looking around me and realizing the origin of the Rivers of the others. The same pattern everywhere. The River starts from the Beginning, from the Source where everything is coming. No River flows alone or disconnected from the Source. It starts from the Beginning and it flows.

Shortly after our first acquaintance I started seeing myself in the flow of the River. Standing firmly yet relaxed and open to be cleaned and rejuvenated by my River. I am watching. Where does it go? Where does it travel through? I don’t know the specifics. But I know it’s a River and all Rivers end up in the Big Blue Sea, back to the Aquatic Matrix of all.

I listen, I follow. I stop. I let be carried through. I stop again. Sometimes the River is pure force and I am scared. Some others is slowing down. When it rains, it receives the vibrations and the blessings of the Mother of the Waters and it enlarges effortlessly. In the drying seasons it becomes more inviting and friendly for others to cross it and explore it harmlessly. The River is always clear and always moving. That is the only thing that remains constant.

I listen, I go along, I follow the running waters, they travel me further, faster. It’s more fun to be carried through than to push through.

My river is pure gold essence; it has its own voice and style. It prefers certain paths and is willing to travel far to see places. It runs through till the end. I am always listening. And I will, till the end, till we reach together the Big Calm Blue Sea and then it all becomes one and we finish this adventure. And then we will start again, a new descent, a new flow, a new movement.

Find your River and stand in it; take the River Movement, recognize what is coming, where is it coming from and let it take you places. Stand in your River, with both feet on the ground and your heart open to enjoy its singing. The River sings, constantlyl sings. And never stops.

Listen to your River, follow through your River and sing.