The First Movement of Healing

The first movement of healing is to see your issue, the thing that bothers you, that thing that messes up your sleep, keeps you awake or make you lying in bed all day on Sundays.

Seeing what the whole fuss is all about into your heart is a minute second of a second movement that gives you instantly clarity of presence. You see it and you are free.

The simplicity of it though it is not understood by the mind; suspicious of all that ease and time expediency from request to answer, will probably give you a hard time, especially if you are a strong thinker, a tireless researcher or a devoted wisdom lover.

Thoughts after thoughts, questions after questions and doubts after doubts will build now layers of uncertainty and confusion. What was once a step away now might seem lives apart. “Impossible, difficult, unimaginable how this can be resolved”, the mind will tell you. In many different forms, with many different shapes or words. “I cannot”, “I do not know”, “it is out of my reach”. These are some of the emblematic phrases that will find a home into your healthy neurons and will start occupying space; they will draw vital energy to grow. As everything in life that wants to live, they will start defending and arguing their axiomatic positions to resume more vital energy and more oxygen and blood than other parts of your brain.  And they will receive attention because they have power, as everything that was given attention and care has power.

Covered in layers your truth now will be inseparably and energetically linked to all these other elements that you brain associates as part of a complex; a feeling now is becoming a thought-feeling, a feeling charged with neurological associations of a particular neuron build out of one single experience in time. And although this one particular experience in time was surely authentic and real at the time that took place, your Being is in the meantime enriched with billions of other neurological stimuli and new forms of thoughts that redefine your current state of mind.

And quite often your current state of Being will be longing for new openings, to form a new life plan or vision and it will be experiencing resistance from old thought-forms that have been embedded in your brain and nourished through layers of “factual interpretations” of a past that you cannot longer differentiate from your presence.

What a mess, what a maze.

The thread of Ariadne’s though it’s always here; available for anyone that requests to start clearing things out and put an end to the neurological habit of creating a mess.

The thread is a question, that allows you to travel from the safe place of not knowing what is coming, albeit full in the naivety that you can escape the dive into the maze, to the hard core, the absolute centre of the maze, where your worst fear about that “thing”, the one that bothers you, that keeps you awake, that controls you, the Minotaurian aspect of your emotional state, resides.

The question is to ask “what is inside this?”

Asking the question is giving permission to yourself to say, “I ve got this. I can do this. I am on it”.

Then the Minotaur knows you are coming for “it”. For that “thing” that bothers you although is buried under years and years of layers of thought-feelings based on the original experience that produced the First Fear of “it”, of “that” that is killing you inside.

I know you are scared. I know you are tired. I know it seems impossible. But you worth your life, you worth your smile, you worth your heart. You worth being You, even if you are alone and the only person who can understand you is You, you are still so much worth of it.

Each one of us has its own Labyrinth. A customized little cute hell of mirrors, projections, reflections, traps. Each one of us needs the courage, the wit and the drive of Theseus to start making a sense out of everything. And not before we meet the Minotaur, the darkest most hideous suppressed thoughts-feelings we are able to reverse the order of things and start experiencing life through feeling-thoughts.

The transformation process is an integration process. Once you start looking at your “Minotaur thing” that “terrible headache of pain that assorts your every breath” asking “what is in this” you stand a chance, an equal chance as everyone in the world to have, finally, your life.

Once you look at the one and only image, of “it” all other mirrors start losing their glare; they cannot reflect as strong or as clearly any more. Eventually they appear old and outdated and you lose interest in them because you are attracted by Light and Wisdom and they carry none of the above, as you start to realize. You will not be fooled or paralyzed no more. Once you look at “it” with clear intention, unencumbered by your beautiful and yet imaginative mind, you start building you divine consciousness.

The first step to freedom, the first movement of healing, the very first touch of the Ariadne’s thread is a question.

May you be lucky enough to discover your authentic thread in the most supportive way and have your heart soft and open to take the leap of faith and follow this never-before-seen thread to the most difficult of your inner paths. May you trust “it” even if this is the only thing you will ever fully trust in your life. May you heal yourself with Grace and Compassion.