Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Constellations

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise so I am changing myself”


If you are inspired by these words of the Persian poet Rumi, then Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Constellations are ideal for you. Because this work takes you deeper, experientially and with an extraordinary precision into the wisdom of your life.

What is Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Constellation?

Spiritual Healing is an experiential movement of love that serves the wisdom of the Spirit of Life, a movement of integration with that that has created us, that nourishes us and evolves us. It offers deep inner reorganization, rejuvenation and empowerment. It addresses both your physical issues and all the intangible pathologies that affect you such as intergenerational traumas, the systemic effect of family and socio-cultural systems on you, the stagnation of your life.

It develops your inner ability to live beyond limiting reference levels and leads you to self-lead from your essence. One of the ways that Spiritual Healing is facilitated is through Spiritual Constellations. Spiritual Constellations is the evolution of Systemic or Family Constellations as established by Bert Helligner. Just like Systemic/Family Constellations, Spiritual Constellations allow what is in your unconscious to become known. But because it emanates through the Big Field of Human Consciousness, Life and Spirit seeking the movement of Grace from “That which is Greater” than us (God, Source, Life, Original Mind) it allows for even greater openings and inner movements to reorganize your life, simultaneously on different levels. In Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Constellations we work with the Creative Intelligence of a quantum space of reality, or what I simply call the Big Field of Life. It is a highly intelligent and sacred work that offers solutions where other therapeutic approaches cannot assist. It respects whatever religious, cultural or other beliefs you have and goes beyond the realm of beliefs and opinions.

What is it for?

It works for any imprint of life you feel inside and is ideal for problems that have their source beyond you and are causing you unresolved conflict, pain and suffering. For example a physical symptom, a mental illness, a trauma, fears, your need for belonging, for self-fulfillment, success, inner peace, money, happiness, joy.

It addresses all human relationship issues such as mom and dad issues, partner relationships, children’s symptoms, the effects of miscarriages, abortions, and all of your intergenerational patterns that govern your current behavior. Science has now proven that we inherit not only genes but also patterns of behavior from our lineage. It is estimated that 75% of what we do or believe is linked to our ancestral lineage, which a Spiritual Constellation can reveal and resolve in one session. The power of this method is that it is not limited by time or space and invites all aspects of healing available such as Spirit-Mind Movement Constellations, Family and Systemic Constellations, Spiritual Healing Constellations, Multidimensional, Archetypal and Incarnational Constellations, Gaia Life Constellations and  Geopathic Constellations.

Is it energy healing?

No. Energy healing is a secondary effect of a Spiritual Healing and a Spiritual Constellation. You will feel an immediate change of energy, but even more, a complete regeneration and rejuvenation. Because we are working from a Soul level to your mental, emotional and physical level. For me it is the most holistic of all healings I have come across in my life.

Does it have any side effects?

No, it is gentle, soothing and respectful of your body, heart, mind and spirit. Once done properly, there are no side  or reverse effects. The healing goes through and you are now a new person with a different understanding of yourself and your life. As with everything in life, you need to be careful with the professionals you choose to work with.

What should I expect after a Spiritual Healing or a Spiritual Constellation?

Once a Spiritual Healing or Spiritual Constellation is completed your perception of your issue and yourself has changed without analysis or having to do anything about it afterward. The deep level of accuracy of a Spiritual Constellation offers exceptional clarity. This level of clarity enables new movements to open up in your life and with self-awareness and self-compassion you can take a new course of action.

How is it done?

Healing is individual and works the same whether it is done in person or online. During the meeting, there is an initial exploratory conversation about the issue that concerns you and with your permission we start the process. In Spiritual Constellations we use playmobil to visually represent the situation related to your request.

Does it work for business issues?

Yes, you can request to work on any business issue that you have. Especially when you are a business owner or senior executive or a solopreneur, your business problems are to a large extent symptoms of a deeper systemic imbalance. An Organisational Constellation will reveal the root cause of the imbalance and give you the much-needed road map to restructure all affected aspects of your business

How many sessions do I need?

A Spiritual Healing or a Spiritual Constellation or an Organizational Constellation is a calling that you feel to express higher, deeper and more meaningful patterns of life in your daily personal and professional reality. It is the work you do with yourself to move from your fate to your destiny, your highest state of being. Although we are all born with a fate, only few of us will fulfill our destiny. It is your choice and your pace of development that determines the number of sessions. As Rumi says, even if we are born smart, we will not all become wise. It is a choice of being.

And finally do I really need it?

You don’t really need a Spiritual Healing or a Spiritual Constellation if you handle all of your life’s challenges with ease and inner peace. You don’t need it if all your needs are met or all your goals are achieved. You don’t need it if you don’t believe in the power of the heart, in the enchanting presence of the unknown in life, or in the existence of That Which is Greater than us. You don’t need it if art, a smile, or a home-cooked meal doesn’t move, affect, or change you. You don’t need it if you have things figured out and know exactly who you are and where you want to go. In the words of my dear friend and client Elizabeth Ann Morris (Sacred Oracle Teachings), “90% of people need a Spiritual Constellation they just don’t know it yet.”

“90% of the people need a Spiritual Constellation they just don’t know it yet”
Elizabeth Ann Morris
Sacred Oracle Teachings, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Writer

Book a Session

If today you are not only a wonderful person but also a wiser person, as Rumi said, give yourself and your life a first session in Spiritual Healing and Constellation.

The first session usually lasts an hour and a half.

All who feel the calling are welcome!

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“I met Yeoryia three years ago. In the post-Covid period we were following a series of online conferences with Ron Young and I was impressed by the strength of her comments, and ability to analyze the time of crisis we were going through. I perceived a spiritual alignment resulting from her inner discipline, and I still feel it when we work together. We both continued with the training and there has been a time when I have needed to ask her for help as a Spiritual Constellator. Above all, I appreciated her professionalism, and punctuality in the appointments. I felt welcomed during the work, and accompanied in the understanding of what wasn't working. I appreciated receiving her messages in the following days as a sign of support in the process. We worked online, given the distance between Italy and Greece, and I asked for her help both with personal and professional matters. Each time I have experienced a willingness to listen combined with the competence of a professional who knows how to manage work also on a subtle, energetic level. Thanks for your Service Yeoryia.”
Melania Laveni
Life Coach and Spiritual Family Constellator, Italy

A Spiritual Healing and a Spiritual Constellation is like poetry; you cannot really touch or explain it but you can always feel its beauty, honesty and effect in your life. Once exposed to it you are a changed person for ever

Yeoryia Panagiotopoulou