Sex Emanicipation

What is a woman? What is a man? What is a Woman? What is a Man? Is there a difference between the same sex or the other sex?

Being a woman or a man is not coincident, an accident of nature or of misfortune. It is not something defined by human logic or human intervention. Human participation in general is needed to procreate but how many couples do you know that would like to have a child but are unable too? We don’t give birth to ourselves. We do not control life or death. We do not define our biological gender and we are not the Creator of that mystery called the miracle of Life.

Lately, we believe we could change it all. With very costly and medical induced support of all sorts of chemicals and procedures we believe that we can change our sex, our gender because we are not ok with what nature equipped us with.

It’s ok not to be ok. Everyone’s search for meaning in life is different, no one’s less arduous than the others, no one’s less painful than the others.

Usually search for meaning and balance in life is a very deep inner process of self-discovery and through self-discovery, world discovery. By digging deep into your unknown, you are giving permission to all of your Creative Intelligence to deepen into the understanding of the collective unconsciousness realms of existence that we are all connected too and simultaneous nurtured by.

In this path of self-discovery different levels of your truth will be revealed to you and it is very possible that you will discover, as it is usual the case, that you have exercised an enormous amount of self – violence, against everything that is really you, and especially your body. Self-destructive habits, bad nutrition, guilt and worries turned into excessive food and also many procedures to battle one more of your stress symptoms: from corrective to cosmetic, all part of your need to cope with all the anxiety of your everyday moments. And as it is often the case you will proclaim to yourself that all of these physical intervention to your own body are nothing else but your need to express your individual self, your need to be you, as you can only perceive and see and feel yourself. And here lies the danger of self-illusion.

How many layers of filter tests have you applied before you reach your conclusion that will take you to some irreversible decisions for your life? How many different ankles and positions did you examine dialectically, seeing the same issue from different perspectives while challenging your intellect to find arguments in favour, against and even in a multiplying way of exploring other possibilities? How many times have you inquired into your abyss and what type of threads of wisdom have you used each time to safely return to your Logos and reason so that you can reach some sound and self-evident conclusions? And did you work so thoroughly in your self-discovery path so that you are investing your energy not only for the next chapter in your life but also for a blissful, joyous, self-fulfilling and authentic new phase?

In my search for meaning I was given a glimpse into what is to be a woman and what is to be a Woman and what is to be a man and what is to be a Man.

A woman and a man are people that are biologically born into their genders and are thus under the physical and mostly hormonal dictates of their biology. They will definitely develop their body and tissues different and because their brain has a predisposition to certain functions, together with their social upbringing it is more than likely that they will express their female and male characteristics throughout their lives.

And that’s already a small miracle of life. Starting from the explosive encounter of a sperm with an egg, another unique human being will be breathing, walking, laughing and experiencing all the rest, unsettling, chaotic, inexplicable human emotions, on this planet.

Into their individual exploration of that miracle of life that they were graciously given, now this woman or man are also granted chances to their sex emanicipation. There comes a time when your inner need for meaning and purpose, if it is aligned with your Soul, will lead you to a Cry out to see your Divine origin. You will no longer be satisfied and you could no longer be unaware of the reality of your Being. You will ask and demand and insist till you are given some answers from a higher reference point.

And if you are true to your solitude, and if you remain open in your challenge of the norm that you were given, with your heart soft and courageous to see beyond the obvious, till the very moment that you are struck to your core by sacred awe upon encountering your gender Archetype, you may finally see it. You may finally see your gender. Unique and original as it is. And you may even feel the Intelligence that guides and supports this gender choice.

Until you see your gender Archetype in your own Consciousness, allow yourself the time and space to not surely know if it is your sex that truly bothers you to your core. Allow your sex unease to guide you, to be a force of continuous action, search and questioning that could only lead you to places that few Women and Men reached, full of the joy of a discovery so strong and so powerful that can only be described as simply natural. It is the same kind of natural that brings new people into the Earth, allowing the Feminine and the Masculine to merge, knowing that without their consent and happiness into their sex, no life can be supported into the planet.

Your movement to emancipate your sex in alignment with your sex Archetype is much bigger. It includes you as the wise Creator of your life and it also includes the world as you are saying yes to all potential synthesis of life that could be birthed, literally and allegorically. You have in front of you the potential of the miracle of life. It is from within, openly and unbiased that you stand a chance to your own natural state.