FRB – The Movement To Life offers integrated experiential personal and group healing, training and consultation.

We hold individual and group sessions, workshops and consultation processes, in person and online, in Greek and in English.

We support collaborative events that enhance the vision of personal and collective growth, truth and creative development.


For individuals

We work on aligning and regenerating the body-mind-spirit-soul relationship and fully integrating this healing relationship into all aspects of your life and on developing your ability to be able to express your new potential through Logos.

For Groups/Teams

We discover their defining underlying dynamics and we re-align them with values, principles and strategies that allow their highest vision of growth and wellness to emerge.

For Conflicts

We promote amicable resolutions through an invigorating holistic consultancy that opens new possibilities and shed lights to all the deepest anomalies behind the apparent challenges.

Spiritual Healing & Spiritual Constellations

Organisational Constellations

Speaking With Your Authentic Voice

Systemic Conflict Resolution