Precious meat bones

Have you thought about the right job for you, how the ideal partner would be for you or how your house should be?

Have you made plans for the next five years, the next twelve months or the next week?

Have you written down a list of all the things you want to have in your life, having included them to your gratitude list as well so you don’t appear arrogant in the eyes of the cosmic universe? And did you send prayers and include that in rituals in hopes of a good outcome?

Have you been nice but also an advocate of how good you are and how well you can do it all?

Maybe you have, maybe you thought or maybe you have acted any of the above.

No real rush, nor real worries, all is good.

But have you also asked yourself if this has been your little precious meat bone?

Are you that dog, that hungry, drooling dog running from place to place with a piece of a pathetic meat bone between his teeth, worrying so much that it might drop that piece that it ends suffering from hunger?

It is more comfortable to let go of the meat bone, and start devouring it on its own pace, little by little than trying to eat it while it carries it.

But most dogs will agonize from here to there with a piece of meat. They will keep it so long that sometimes the meat will rotten; lost in the idea of the their first impression of the meat they would believe that they can eat the meat at any given time but later one if they eat the meat out of the bone, they will get sick.

Keeping the bone always at their teeth does not come on an easy price. The dog’s teeth, the jaws, its bone structure will suffer; carrying this burden time after time the dog has less space to breathe, to oxygenate the rest of its body and keep itself alive and healthy.

But they cannot see that; it is the idea of a good meal from the bone that is feeding them to starve.

A healthy dog does not hold on to a meat bone but only for a few minutes until it takes it to a safe place to eat it. Healthy dogs don’t keep many bones, they know they will make them sick if they keep them for longer than what is needed. So they act to their benefit. They put their vital needs in order and have a practical and sustainable approach to their food energy sources.

They use their power for other activities; marking territories, leading, mating. In general in things that make them swing their tail loud and clear.

They have strong personalities but not over their bones; mostly about who they are.

I have been keeping bones between my teeth; I have been squeezing the same bones so hard between my jaws that I lost a couple of my teeth, which I loved very much, and I developed a sort of chronic nervous acute pain; it comes and goes some days.

Today I realized I have been holding to my rotten little precious meat bones; which is hilarious because I have stopped eating meet fifteen years ago.

I am very sorry to my gone teeth. It was my fault and now I hope I have enough time and nerves left to make amends to all the others and mostly to myself.

I am letting them go; I just dropped them on the floor. They are almost black after all these years, how could I possible believe that these bones were going to nourish me or help me?

Now I have my first step ready. In time, I trust that new ones will come to my heart and mind and I will follow them in peace, knowing that I am not going to starve because I let go of my poor little precious meat bones.