Pandemic: a Greek Word of Wisdom

Pandemic is a word of a Greek etymology. It comes from “pan” which means “all” and “demos” which means “the people, as the body of citizens who collectively govern the state” and is related to “epidemia” and “pandimos” meaning the one that manifests with the consent and the active participation of all the people everywhere.

During our ongoing pandemia, which I experienced fully from my home, staying in, but in close weekly communication with friends and colleagues from around the world, I noticed how different countries took a different approach on this, with their respective successes and failures.

I was disappointed to see that the medical researches of the world did not come together to co-create one solution for humanity. As a result, the present or pending varied solutions are offered under different legal medical patents and price tags. The issue appears to be common; the solution once more is approached individually.

This story of humanity has been told so many many times over; I think the name is now changed to “pandemic” but the story has always been about existence and co-existence.

My only certainty in this situation is that life will go forward, not matter what kind of future is ahead of us; also that I am truly thankful to the blessings of the continuous lockdowns in my home country.

I do not enjoy this situation regarding people’s health and work, I am not implying that; only that I adore the luxury of a different freedom of time that was offered to me for the first time in my adult life.

And although there are days when the sitting in front of a computer is hard, and the hours get longer and longer and I have completed neglected my body’s need for movement, I am deeply joyful for being able to take part on live events around the world, with ease and comfort and genuinely have an regenerative experience with these newly proposed digital pathways. My study office is a small place in my house but every week for a year now the world is invited and sits in for a meaningful conversation on the things that always mattered to me; ah, the simple pleasure of life!

I love discovering the wisdom of the Greek words, since it’s a mother language and a noetic one. Every word has a root, it means something, it makes absolute sense and births new words with more complex and advanced meaning. There is a vibration that is coming forward and changes the ambiance of the room and how I feel my body, when I get there, down to the root that reveals the active philosophy that the word offers.