Not alone; connected

“You cannot do it alone”, “You are not doing it alone”.

Nobody can do it alone.  Nobody is doing it alone.

One cannot do it alone because the concept of alone does not really exist. Nothing is alone because nothing exists or is created autonomously.

All are overwhelmingly present in all dimensions and contribute to all the movements, vibrations and breaths of this Universe. There is no gap anywhere and ever. Everything speaks and converses with each other in imperceptible signals, which change form to become subtle and merge seamlessly with the signified, the message, the stimulus.

What allows things to coexist in a state of inter-balance and symbiosis is this perpetual flow of connection, the connecting communication pulse transmitted ceaselessly by emitters and receivers, both consenting to a life in connection with the primary cause of their existence. All, at the same time they reverberate the vibration of a well guarded co-existence and all at the same time initiate and promote the movement that leads from the Darkness of Existence to the Higher Frequencies of expression and creation.

Although darkness and light always work together, at the level that our ignorance lies, we need to go through the gradations of the initiation of a novice ascetic. We need to fast vibrations and pray for our guiding and shaping qualities to activate within us the cosmic nerve cells, synapses and connections that will once again reveal to us the becoming of things.

No one can do it alone because everything is connected; this comprehensive, total and all-encompassing connection of All with All is manifested a priori, by its very nature and manifests the movement and the state of intro-discovery, intro-self-recognition and intro-existence.