News from the Winter Solstice


Out of Chaos, every form or life is still possible. All is included and that is why this is perpetual. Everlasting births and rebirths, everlasting transformation, succession of colors and qualities. A hand giving to a hand, that gives to a new hand, until all hands have been connected. From the beginning to the end. Therefore, there is no beginning or end. It is all part of the same reference point, therefore everything is one.

A different dimension of the female vibration is being given birth as a form of grounding this energy on Earth. It existed before but could not have landed on Earth. Now this is possible and is taking its righteous place on Earth, in the essence of Mother Earth and the female polarity that is representing in the larger spectrum of Life.

Mother Earth received a great initiation and a golden crown – wreath. At the same time all female beings – energies on the planet Earth received the same initiation and their golden crown.

All female energies are now in the position to allow themselves to stay connected with this vibrational rate and keep the connection. Saying YES, receiving, receiving.

And as on Earth, birth passes through the pelvic area of female carriers, they have the choice to offer the sanctity of their safe inner crèche in their physical body to stay connected and to allow the golden qualities of life to pass through them, to arrive safely on Earth on every existing physical element. This is another part of a physical evolution of beings, a form of bread and water, a vital energy for their existence and their alignment with the evolution of consciousness of Mother Earth.

Our Father Sky is holding the energy for this labor, protecting and supporting our Mother. An abundance of love and alignment of end and purposes, a marriage of heart and will between them that is now reaching our physical reality, their new unity on a new realization of wholeness, gives to us all, all possible polarities, all possible combinations of life on Earth, the prosperity of a life on new paths of existence. This includes everything, and is starting with the female polarity.

A great service to humanity is now possible from the first batch of carriers, the first teams of hands to the seconds to the thirds and so on, until we cover the Earth right on her new golden circumference, until all latitudes and longitudes have received their golden surfacing.

Receive that is being given to us, freely. And pass it on as women in all of the glory of your marvelous nature. To honour our Great Mother and to allow new children of glorious miracles of life to enter our physical world.

And so it is.

Amen – Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.