Words, wording, texts, context. Rules, times, messages. Someone speaks, someone listens, a conversation, a dialogue.

Phrases put together, a meaning. Phrases as conductors to meanings. Phrases as stepping pebbles among fluid elements of wording.

Phrases to meanings, phrases that make sense, phrases of a consensus.

Phrases that flow out to a new place.

More places and more places, everyday visits to new places. Many places interrelated, a new land.

Small, big, flat, round, with edges, with oceans, mountains, prairies. A new land. New elements, stronger structures, extended dimensions. A language. And a new language. And a new language.

Language stretched, bended, making formations, circling, running, pausing. A language that attempts a narrative.

A narrative at birth. Grounded narratives, tales of existence. Narratives as reality. Every day narratives is every day.

People with narratives, families with stories, nations with histories. Languages with different names, narratives with foreign accents, meanings above differences. Meanings made of words, same words, different words, same but different, same but different looking, still words of languages.

A craft, a relationship, a discipline, a profession, a courtship, an intended presence, all languages.

Learning to do is learning the language of the texture, the structure, the feeling, the allure, the basics and the variations.

To attain is to know the language. Few as maternal languages. Most others as new languages, enriching your dailies.

Syntax, grammar, vocabulary, past and present tenses, conditional tense, articles, suffixes, prefixes, intonations, indirect speech, connotations of words, slang, proper, academic, real.

Real words, real languages, real needs.

What do they say?

I love. I want to be loved. I live, I want to live.

Languages, many exquisite, exotic, specialized, dedicated, crafted ways of saying: I love, I live, I am.

Languages, from words of I am. Phrases of I love. Vocabulary of I live.

Very very very very different, too much the same.

Over billion times, over billion aeons.

I love over billion times, I am over billion aeons.

Here I am, I speak. Now I speak. Now is my language.

My language, me, here. I live. Here, I love.

Love me, I love you. Love me, I love you anyway. I live, I say, I love, I say.

This is my language. This is one of my languages.

I love you. I say. Now, here, I say this is my language, I say.