Green parrots

Green parrots

They appeared sometime in spring, some years ago.

Only a couple of them at first, then a flock. They are exotic green with beautiful details of red and blue on their heads, curved beaks and turned-out toes.

I could not but focus on their appearance as they forced me to stand of my desktop and walked to the balcony to admire their singing-talking.

The visits became frequent and for many weeks, which only later I realized that they were actually months and months, they became the most trusted friends.

Always on time, around one hour before sunset, depending on the season and always staying for ten or so minutes. Never more.

They fly to the neighborhood and then they sit only on top branches. They are so light that the branches very rarely bend for them. And then they start singing-talking. It could be that they are gossiping for us humans and our lives in those big building they see around them, so unnatural compared to the lovely tall tree that they inhabit freely every late afternoon.

I have no way of knowing what it that they are discussing about is. I enjoy it nevertheless. I am happy for seeing them.

I stop whatever I do just to watch them balancing effortlessly on the thin branches, always wandering how is that possible. My big core has alienated me from any thoughts of lightness of such nature. Or the freedom of moving so fast without the restrictions of a matter functioning under the rules of gravity.

They seem to have the answers while I don’t. They seem to rule their lives, while I am barely surviving.

I welcome them every single time with such a relief. For some months they disappeared completely. I thought they migrated and I was hoping to see them again during summer. But it was not about that. For some reason they left and then they came back, just like that.

I suppose they have their inner laws, structures, social organization, all the things that make their small community to survive.

I do not know anything about their struggles, their dreams, their hopes or whatever they have in their lives as their standards and destiny.

I am just invigorated with their presence. I feel so lucky for having a tall tree outside my office, at the same exact eye level, that not only nests my need for a direct contact with nature but also hosts some of the most beautiful and elegant creatures possible to be found in the city.

It feels good to have visitors in life, to make our solo trip colorful as their feathers and musical as their voices.

Dear visitors, thank you for your visits. Your visits made this year for me hopeful again.