Full Moon

Every month the moon gets full. And because it gets full, and big, and bright again we know that another month just happened.

In the old days women would gather together at full moon to sit with each other in mutuality and in peace. They would take down any armours and worries and they would sit as equal parts of the same circle. They would call upon the Spirits, of the land and the waters, the air and the fire, the animals and the plants, and they would look to all directions, above and below, right and left, back and front, and mostly unto, within.

And they would stay in silence and in waiting of the moon’s soft light to arrive as wisdom, soon to be expressed through the talks and the poems and the stories that they brought with them at the circle.

Without effort, the meeting would open up to deep longings of the woman’s heart, to confessions over true life passions and desire to live, of their blessings for the Earth and life, be it through their spirit babies and spirits companions in life. No justifications for choices and preferences was ever required. Every circle was sacred and open to receive. All equally belonging under her light, teaching each other about what it is to be a feminine carrier of the life force. And they could see what is to come because they have called the Spirits and they have made way for them, to stay, to be with us, for all of us, for all of our worlds.

And slowly, in deep wisdom bestowed to them by the enchanting whispers of the moon, they would go back to their families, and the world, and they would built another world possible because of the emanation of the lunar radiance.

Unlike the sun’s force, the moon’s walk in life is more subtle and quite. Nevertheless, it is the moon that casts light into the darkness, as a perfect luminous circle in what appears to be with our senses a black universe. The moon’s approach is slow, yet methodical; it starts small and keeps growing in light; when at peak it always points to humanity another aspect of its inner darkness that can come into light and a unique combination of the cosmic stars constellations with a particular energy sentient that will never be repeated. It turns its light exactly upon them and invite us to understand, to stand under it, and be showered with the softness of light in consciousness. The sun cannot offer this kind of tender initiation; it does not create a quiet place for reflection and his light is all over, grinding everyone’s personal light into his reign. But without our movement with the moon, we would might not ever have taken inside us the light force of the sun that stimulates creation into breeding and multiplication.

The moon walks in the mystery of cosmic existence in circles. All of her efforts in life are aiming at the perfection of a full circle, each time, without fail; her ambition might seem humble but it is not; because a circle is the perfect, infinite expression of all divine Geometry. In her innate wisdom, she starts her life journey with the highest of the goals. And she succeeds every single month with subtle, quite, calm manners.

It takes thirteen full moons for a complete circle of the Earth around the Sun. That gives us a measure of our time on Earth; it takes thirteen full moons for us to complete and solidify new movements in our human brain and self.

She communicates in a daily immediate manner with women all around. She is revealing especially to them that changes in life come in phases; nothing is a straight line from point A to point B. She is tuning the feminine aspects of the world with the circular wisdom of Creation. With her soft luminous essence she allows us to take our personal time to encounter in ourselves what we are seeking. Her cycle becomes our inner diary of opening and closing perfect circular movements of understandings.

She regulates our blood rejuvenation and ultimately our strength to carry on new life, breeding the qualities of human race. Her radiance becomes ours. She is telling us that we do not need to lead or to be led. Nor do we need to rush anything but we are not to wait for it either. We are not to give away any part of our sexuality or disregard our innate fertility. We can be with others and still prioritize ourselves, if we be curvaceous in navigating ourselves into the linear patters of a demanding outer world of ambition and effort. She is in romance with life. She makes us like that too.