Breathing abundance

When you fall in love you do not count what you get and if that is a fair exchange. You do not look for the imbalances or the misfits. You do not measure your day with what you got out of everything and what the others do for you. You are quite the opposite of a self-centered being.

The paradox of it is that you have spent all of your life trying to put a high price on yourself, to sell out at your highest bidder, refining all of your character, with knowledge, culture and empathy. So you invested countless hours studying to break free from the basic ignorance of human species. You explored the arts to bring colour, movement and sound to your elementary sensory canvas. You attempted the best and diverse ways to become an interesting representative of the art of living; not quite a bon-viveur but surely an aspiring free spirit, a human artist; and you ate exquisite culinary meals and drunk fine wines and went to sought after performances not out of hunger and thirst but out of desire to live something new. Each week, or month or year.

And then you tried something more, something further away from your own neighbourhood, you kept insisting for more, for better, filling your senses with faraway travels and meetings with souls from different worlds, illuminating your understanding of how things work at the other side of the globe; and once you are back changed by all these walks and talks and the ideas that came to you while traveling, you are thinking, ok what is next, what is to do now. And you always keep asking more. New genres of exercise, new experiments with schools of the east and the west, more extreme sports, more desire to stay fit and active. You are seriously concerned and focused on how to do things and do them well, in your full capacity. And you chose to follow any plans that provide good results for your masterplan.

So the paradox is now, that you are in love, none of these matters any more as a bargaining leverage. Nurtured in a cultural society of give and take, you did all of that to be able to be liked at your ideal version by the one you are attracted but at the end they do not guarantee what will you get. And you feel an uncontrollable passion to offer all of your self-piece, for nothing. You do not even consider what you are offering. A river of selfless love is running through you and all you are doing is to give the best of whatever is left in you after encountering love like this.

You are not engage in asking either, you are giving all that you perceive as yourself, physically, emotionally and noetically. Of course you are dreaming of a mutual harmony of togetherness but you will do it anyway. THAT is inviting you and you want to say yes with no reservations.

The paradox is that this is the movement of receiving, when you lose any concern about what is to be expected here. As you are not measuring what and how you are offering, as you become focused only on the core of your giving movement, you will be engaged in actions of others to you with selfless generosity.

An old indigenous tradition calls for a big circle where everyone is sitting at the circle with a valuable item to offer; they choose not something that they don’t need any more but something precious to their life that for a particular reason its energy is calling them to pass it on to someone else; a family ring passed on from one generation to another, a talisman for protection or courage, a piece of cloth weaved with love and patience, an object of faith, a precious metal and whatever else has something of a meaningful service to their lives. Then they place all of them at the centre of the circle and each one goes around and choose one with their heart. Once an item is chosen, the person who offered it tells the story that connects him/her with it and the blessing he/she sees in that for the person that is receiving it. As the circle goes around, all of the participants receive the highest form of blessings and gifts. And they go home, truly rich and full of life blessings.

Abundance is about that space of clear offering as if you are crazy in love with the recipient. You offer from a state of being that is not thinking of what is in it for you into this and you choose to energize the highest qualities of what is to be offered. You can breathe this in your heart. And as you inhale and exhale, you are living in the space of spaciousness, with all the qualities you are pursuing but with a sense of purpose and infinite patience.