Anchor You Vortex

In these forcoming years, lump sums of everything will be coming to the surface.

It may feel as turbulent times, times of great changes, unforeseen events, pan-movements that will affect everyone, simultaneously and indistinguishably.

People will have interpretations, worries, fears, the full package of abandoning their wisdom and charisma in view of the current events.

Anchor your vortex in the midst of the universal anxiety and turbulence.

Find your way to ground your centre.

Start with the body and devote your time to return each day back to your body. Use the superintelligence of its tissues, the organs, the senses and combine them with your mind.

Explore your centre of your gravity and feel that you can enhance its radiance all the way to the centre of the Earth.

Make a safe and quick way to go to that centre often, more often that you think you need.

Keep your awareness in connection with the Earth’s centre. She might be discharging tons of toxic human experiences but she is unlimited and unshaken to her will to reach her destiny.

We need to respect her decision and her way to accelerate her process.

But we need to keep the connection, ground ourselves and align our axes with our anchor.

In our human knowledge we know that in the centre of any cyclone, there is peace. So it will be now. In our centre, there is going to be infinite peace, available in our command.

Anchor your vortex, find your centre, anchor it to the centre of the beloved Mother, even if this is the fiercest of her faces.

She can still hold you as the lost child that you are without an anchor to the chaos of existence.

In the forcoming years, things will look different but they it will be the same with a splash of exaggeration.

Anchor your vortex, stay grounded, return to your body.

* inspired by Brenda Lee Morrison