My Beloved Ones

My beloved Ron Young showed me a kind of love that no-one spoke about, with no description, no reference. Utterly uncharted waters. The most attractive, undeniable, grounded and yet sublime kind of love. It feels universal, it grows exponentially and transcends everything else.

My beloved Vicky held the gates of Violet Flame and brought her presence to guard, to guide, to nourish and to fulfill.

My beloved Rumi offered his poetry in a beautiful edition resting in my bookshelves. I visit his Spirit to remember the Eros that runs through everything in Life. To fall again for the One Beloved and to immerse myself in a more sexually engaging Creativity.

My beloved Reiner Maria Rilke guided me to the relationship of Life and Death. He showed me the courage of being open to everything that is there to come. Not only is he eloquent but also strong and patient.

St. Francis of Assisi taught me purity and humility. I am now discovering that humility is the most successful path.

St. John’s Cave connected me with the energy of Logos. I was given an opportunity to clarity and wisdom.

I saw Gandhi’s and Mandela’s vision once. They are showing me how a Lawyer could contribute to universal justice, how to break free from any form of imprisonment and what it takes to become an alchemist, turning hate to love, attaining this high form of internal transformation.


This is where I am. Just now. I am about to change before I even finish this sentence.

This is about the Movement to Life. All that matters, Life.

To live Life in our presence, with our heart and mind and our magnificent, gorgeous, heroic body, with our flaws and our kindness.

With nothing else but an innate desire and will within our Innocence to express Life in all of it.