A Thing is what it is. This is the energy of Logos. A Thing is what it is. It is something precise, exact and sharp. There are no round edges or half-meanings to its nature.

Every Thing has a substance, a vibration and a frequency. This is true nature.

A Thing at its Logos existence has no verbosity; it has both the clarity and the stillness of a glassy translucent resting lake. Everything can been seen and nothing is moving. That is its Heart, its Core. At the core there is stillness. No need to transform or to evolve. There, is Existence.

When you look at Things within Logos, you perceive everything and there is no need for interpretations, analysis or conclusions.

Seeing Things as they are is joy and peace. Even the mind experiences a rare feeling of non-scaring resting. Upon training, it starts understanding everything using its own super intelligence; from that frequency it can perceive the superintelligence of all other Things and it discovers learning and perceiving as a lesser threatening operation to its performance.

It attains freedom from all internal wordiness, as within its every inquire it receives instantaneous absolute information on the nature of Things. Upon receiving what it longs for, accurate understanding through its own structural vocabulary, it satisfies its needs. Now relaxed and safe, it goes deeper. It builds up its own confidence and repertoire; it is becoming able to possibly identify effortlessly Things and instinctively preserve the knowing that a higher intelligence exists. Its inquisitive nature called by this super dimension of reasoning and wisdom, starts evolving, having a clear love ambition of reaching higher consciousness.

We ripe the fruits of its enlightenment.

We are now able to identify Things when we need to and the existence of variables that interact and transform it. We are opening our perception to the wisdom of all of its attributes, not just its form, volume, texture or taste, our primarily survival guides, but to its substance, vibration and frequency. We are opening to its nature, we are now practicing the wisdom of Logos. We are moving from survival to fully living.

Every single experience in our life is a Thing. Our relationship with ourselves, with others, our personal work, talents, hobbies, our encounters with animals, nature, stars, the facebook and instagram posts, the world politics and our grandma’s pies, our human nature, our modern world, every tangible and intangible experience that we get to live, freely of naming and categorizing it, has a substance, a vibration and a frequency.

A Thing is what it is. This is the energy of Logos.