A Conscious Relationship


There was an article today about animals, dogs and cats in particular, and how they are perceived to be the last authentic connection to a paradise lost. Mainly because they love you without judging or thinking about it and because they have this amazing ability to stay in their present, to live their life without contemplating about death, like us human do throughout our lives. The article took for granted that animals have no consciousness, thus they act only through their free, natural instincts.

I am more skeptical about that. I do not think we know everything that there is to know about animals. I don’t understand how humanity is so certain that animals do not have consciousness and they do not think about death in general or their death, beyond their survival instincts.

So, having a different initial approach regarding the consciousness of other creatures in this world, something more of a theoretical dogma and not a fact so far, I believe that Consciousness makes humans be different anyway and brave.

Perhaps the development of our consciousness cost us our paradise on Earth. But this movement is a movement of the adult, of the child taking Life and Creativity from the Creator and moving on to discover, create or co-create the reality of it.

The dividend expressions of Life that are being produced by this movement are not coincidental and they are not based simply on instincts. Thinking, feeling or avoiding thinking and feeling of Death, is part of the new equation. We gave up on paradise, because we wanted to explore the truth with no veils. Not having the grit to walk towards out destiny, passing necessarily through the dying of our flesh and blood, could give us a status similar perhaps to other creatures. But our nature, the nature we have developed over the aeons, with the Grace of Spirit, is not aiming at a repetition of energy transformations. It is not thriving and evolving through patterns unraveling perpetually, with a narcissistic intention.

The Universe does not care about itself. Everything is referring to a Core that cannot be explained, fully perceived, understood, described but its Conscious can be (partially?) experienced.

Our relationship with ourselves, with Life, is actually another way of saying that we are walking the path of Consciousness. We are coming back as the prodigal sons and daughters to our Core. Our beauty and grace is not present because we are in an oblivious state of being, as other living creatures are presumed to be.

We are seekers of the conscious aspects of existence because that is how our race, the human race, is comprised. We love Virtue and we understand that there is no Virtue outside Consciousness. We thus enter into a conscious relationship with the Divine. I do not know how other forms of existence enter into this relationship but my relationship with Creation is the relationship I have with myself.

My obligation in Life is to protect, nourish and evolve this relationship. The only paradise or hell I can create is pointing to this relationship, is actually a state of my consciousness. My birthday is a reminder of a full annual circle on this path. A successful year is defined by the way this circle has been drawn. If it is overlapping with previous ones, then I am not nourishing my relationship, I am avoiding to go deep and play high. In cases where the path has an ascending spiral formation, I can feel tones of consciousness in my heart-mind and I have the sense of health, regeneration, beauty, and youth, regardless of any other results.

I am loved as part of the Creation as I am, taking as a human this pathway, demanding from every single moment of life to let me in, to explore the meaning, the texture, the substance of it. And I am glorified when I do not give up my siege unless a drop, any drop, of truth from the Core is finally being able to be perceived by any of my limited human senses in cooperation with my unlimited core-connected-consciousness.

As a human I am doomed to not be fully present and connected the way the animals fully are. But I am here to offer to humanity and to other beings the quality of an on-and-off presence with the intention of mastering this movement to a degree that I am of this world and I am not of this world.

Every being as part of the whole equation of Existence offers a different kind of relationship. We humans hold the responsibility of a conscious approach to the Divine Comedy, or whatever this is.  And all of this is relevant or fictitious. Our conscious mind will keep on working until it will find what of the two is, building more everlasting consciousness. And this is in sum our life. Everlasting consciousness that nourishes and regenerates all of it.