A Thirty Minutes Trip to Home

Red Boots
It takes thirty minutes a day to go to “Kallipolis”. Kallipolis, is the ideal city state governed by a philosopher king, an ideal heaven of wisdom and reason. An ideal inner state of being. It first appears in Plato’s work, a 5th century BC Greek philosopher, famously known for his Socratic Dialogues, Platonic Ideas and Allegories, for whom it has been said “all of western philosophy is but a footnote to Plato”. In his monumental work “The Republic”, (“Politeia”, in Greek), a political Bible so to speak, he introduces the definition of the 5 fundamental regimes to be found in any sovereign country until today. Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarcy, Democracy and Tyranny. He then connects the nature of each regime with his tripartire theory of the soul, the LSA. Our soul…
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