Fuzzy Red Boots - The Movement to Life is a holistic approach to every day movements of personal and business expansion through the Wisdom of Life Field

It helps you navigate and evolve your Presence through Spiritual, Organisational, Speaking and Reconciliation experiential training and personal support.

It offers Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Constellations to heal systemic blockages, intergenerational traumas and existential imprints to allow your highest life trajectory.

If you are a solopreneur or the owner or the manager of a business, it addresses and resolves the unseen but profound true causes of your business disarray and solidifies a return to a healthy and growing state.

It presents tools and training to discover and start using your Authentic Voice to speak up your Truth and to communicate your ideas, visions and desires in a way that you are being understood, received and heard.

It presents also innovative solutions to inner and group conflicts and entanglements that do not allow growth, expansion or success, applying wisdom from the Creative Intelligence Field of Life.

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"Spiritual Constellations is a complex and somewhat unfathomable practice. The healing and openings it facilitates are profound and beyond rational explanation. To hold a space like this requires deep commitment by the facilitator. A commitment to doing their own work, to remaining in study and to continually reevaluating what is possible from a place of humility. Yeoryia has facilitated Spiritual Constellations for me several time and its clear that she has taken these commitments full heartedly. Her diligence and focus throughout the sessions was total and unflinching. She works intuitively with great precision which further evidences her dedication, as intuition in this work is not simply given. Its developed over time through active engagement in the field and by being in a state of constant investigation during daily life as well as in practice. Her work is profound service offered to others from a place of sincerity for which I am very deeply grateful."
Fiona James
Trauma Worker and Spiritual Healer, UK
“Yeoryia facilitated an Organizational Constellation with me to address the systemic issue of stalled membership growth in a Speaking and Leadership Organization for which I was President.  I had never experienced this approach to organizational problem solving and embraced the experience with openness and curiosity. Through her unique process, she uncovered hidden emotional issues which were energetically holding my club back from achieving the desired success. Once the actions that arose from the Organizational Constellation were implemented by myself and my team, success was achieved in a very short time! In only 3 months, we miraculously achieved the needed 70% growth in membership!! I was amazed and thrilled that such a small time investment was able to shift the energy and transform our ability to achieve the desired result. I am grateful for having the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing coach and saying “Yes” to the Organizational Constellation. I highly recommend Yeoryia and her Organizational Constellation approach to removing the obstacles to success.”
Gail Taylor-Smith
Former Corporate Executive, Business Coach, US
"In the world of mentors and coaches there exists an inner elite group of dedicated persons who provide a multitude of their services and levels of energy. That person is Yeoryia Panagiotopoulou. Working one- on- one with Yeoryia, her mentoring and coaching took my keynote preparation to the next level.  I found her to be energetic, engaging, and vulnerable which elevated her ability to connect with me. Yeoryia is also a highly trained lawyer which allows her critical thinking and leadership skills to stand out. Beyond her earned qualifications, though, her kindness and compassion shines brightly onto all who she comes in contact with. In other words, she is authentic."
Reyné O’Shaughnessy
Pilot, Founder, Innovator, Safety Advocate, Piloting 2 Wellbeing, US
“A penetrating look that illuminates aspects of the self and unlocks known powers that could not manifest with other energy treatments or through psychotherapy. The spiritual healing offered by Yeoryia is done with absolute respect for the human being and this inspires great trust in the client. The changes that take place may not become visible at first because they are done on an intangible level, but they are permanent and this results in not creating a dependency relationship with the therapist. Her touch is done by hands that are all light and combined with her open heart and love for what she does turns working with her into a special experience. I thank her very much for the help she has given me and I wish her always to remain enlightened”.
Eleni Simou
Educator, Attica, Greece